Wednesday, January 17, 2018

UN Global Forum On Migration and Development- A Correction and Apology

Apropos a previous article on the death of the evil monster Peter Sutherland, the father of globalism and the architect of the immigration disaster that has engulfed Europe. (See here)

Included in the article was the fact that Sutherland was delegated by the UN to lead the Global Forum on Migration and Development. A taxpayer funded talking shop supposedly formed to help nations understand the link between migration and development.

The narrative that the UN/EU is trying to create with this forum is that mass migration from the backward, undeveloped world is essential for continued growth and development in the already developed world.

My contention in the article was that this is false and that there is no link between mass migration and development. I argued that the opposite was true, the mass immigration we see today in Europe, the United States and the rest of the Judaeo-Christian world is a demographic, cultural and economic disaster for the people.

(This excludes the big business fat cats who get an endless supply of cheap labor but I digress)

As a result of this mass migration the working and middle classes have seen their living standards decrease and their lives blighted by violent crime, rape and mass murder as their countries are turned into replicas of the third world basket cases the migrants left behind.

I offer an apology to one and all because I was not entirely correct in my assertion; history has demonstrated that there is indeed a link between mass migration and development that spread the advantages of civilization to the remotest corners of the planet.

The Americas, Africa and the Middle East were resource rich countries populated by uncivilized, violent savages barely out of the stone age until the mass migration of Europeans developed those resources creating dynamic economies and bringing all the advantages of the civilizations they left behind.

The advantages that this migration brought to the undeveloped world are denied by the UN/EU globalists and the societies that were engendered by this migration were demonized and eventually brought down. This is especially the case in Africa where those responsible for development were removed from power condemning the natives to poverty, hunger, disease and violent repression under ruthless dictators.

It is an irrefutable fact that when the civilizing influence was removed by the UN/EU globalists the native populations reverted back to their pre-migration state made worse by the availability of modern technology including weaponry.

Despite the transfer of technology and industrial capacity organized by the UN agency UNIDO along with the trillions of dollars dispensed as development aid, the third world has failed to catch up with the developed nations. ( UNIDO global transfer of wealth program here, here and here)

This leads to the obvious conclusion that the people of these backward nations do not possess the skills necessary to govern a country and run a successful economy and the indications are that they never will.

There are exceptions with India being the most visible. India embraced western civilization and made use of the educational opportunities afforded to them by the British. The educated middle class did possess the skills necessary to govern and run a successful economy and they left most of the government infrastructure and institutions intact after the British departed.

Having dispensed with the socialism and rampant corruption of the post-independence Indira Gandhi years, India is now thriving with a rapidly expanding middle class. India is now renown for expertise in the Information Technology field with its very own Silicon Valley. Inroads are being made into the high levels of poverty and the latent corruption which still blights India and it will take some time yet before both are eliminated.

One has to compare India with its neighbors and former compatriots Pakistan and Bangladesh. They chose not to embrace the civilization and institutions left behind by the British and are now wallowing in abject poverty, disease, hunger and Islamofascism.

In conclusion: I concede that there is indeed a link between migration and development but not as the UN/EU globalists would have you believe.

Regardless of the false narrative being disseminated by UN/EU propaganda, recent experience in both Europe, America and the Judaeo-Christian world has demonstrated that far from being essential for their further growth and development the mass influx of people from the undeveloped world has had the opposite effect.

As a result of the dramatic increase in demand for welfare benefits, housing, healthcare, education and a plethora of other taxpayer funded public services, economies are stagnating and living standards falling with the added disaster of national homogeneity and social cohesion being torn asunder by the influx of backward, incompatible cultures.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Shitholes, Dumps and Third World Toilets

The choice of a word, objectionable as it may be to the deliberately offended, does not alter irrefutable facts. If it successfully conjures an accurate picture in the minds of the broadest spectrum of readers then it is obviously the right word to use.

The latest manufactured storm surrounding President Trump for reputedly referring to some backward countries as ‘shitholes’ is just another chapter in the organized campaign to remove him from office. His choice of the word ‘shithole’ would be correct if indeed he did use it, however it would help if it could be corroborated by someone with experience in the field of third world countries.

As a working class Brit who spent the last 20 years of his working life plying his trade mainly in the third world, I humbly offer the benefit of my experience.

Having lived and worked alongside other western workers in 7 African countries along with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some Middle Eastern potentates, I can confirm that the consensus of opinion is that these countries are indeed shitholes of the very highest order.

The word itself is rather ugly and doesn’t refer to the entire country nor the majority of the populations since western standards do exist in small oasis of development. These oases are inhabited by expatriates, local corruptocrats and ambitious natives who have seen the light and embraced western civilization.

Overall these countries consist mainly of areas that would be considered as slums unfit for human habitation, or indeed shitholes, in the developed world.

Other terms frequently used by western visitors to describe these backward countries are ‘dumps’ and the more widespread ‘third world toilet’. These are terms that the bought-and-paid-for media would have also seized upon in their campaign to discredit and bring down the President had he used them.

One cannot deny the evidence of ones own eyes, and nose for that matter, that the terms ‘shithole’ ‘dump' and ‘third world toilet’ are well deserved as anyone who has crossed the causeway into Bombay city, India, will attest. The stench of human effluent is overwhelming as it is in most of the urban areas and focal points across the country, i.e. railway stations, markets, beaches etc.

People urinating and defecating in public is a common sight in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and across the third world as are the piles of rubbish, polluted rivers, scavenging dogs and over-sized, well satiated rats. Poverty, beggars and the ever present stench of human effluent are part of everyday life which becomes normality the longer one stays.

If indeed he did ask the question as to why people from these shitholes are being invited into America in ever increasing numbers the President would be doing the job he was elected to do, i.e putting the security, prosperity and well-being of America and its people first.

The other part of the phony ‘shithole-gate’ nonsense is whether the choice of word was appropriate for the President of the United States and whether it should have been used to describe friendly countries. Again the answer from your humble expert is a resounding ‘yes’.

One of the endearing features of President Trump, and one of the reasons he is loved by the everyday American people and hated by the cultural Marxists, is that he does not bow down to political correctness.

Imposing political correctness is absolutely essential in the campaign to ‘fundamentally transform’ America and engineer its decline into a third world country.

The decline of America and Europe, along with the rest of the Judaeo-Christian civilization, is the goal of the UN/EU globalists in order to create their single, borderless, egalitarian world. Mass immigration from the third world to the developed world re-enforced using political correctness to stifle objections are the weapons of choice.

President Trump and Brexit pose a clear and present danger to this UN/EU project hence the hysterical campaign to bring both down.

In conclusion, President Trump knows how to use the hostile media to his advantage. His choice of words are deliberately chosen and designed to get his message across to the maximum number of people, the majority of who think in the same terms and use the same language as he does.

By creating such a storm, the bought-and-paid-for media whores are unwittingly getting the message out to the masses on his behalf.

If the American people didn’t know that Haiti, Africa, Pakistan etc, are third world shitholes that are exporting their backward people into their neighborhoods they do now.

Friday, January 12, 2018

If President Trump Is A Lunatic Sanity Needs To Be Redefined

The attempt by the global elite and their embedded deep state operatives to use Russian collusion as justification to unseat the democratically elected President of the United States has hit the buffers. 
In their desperation they are now using the charge of lunacy as justification to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

This really is desperate stuff and a clear indication of the fanaticism and hatred of the left toward anyone who does not share their ideology or world view. It is also an indication of their contempt for democracy and the American people who voted for candidate Trump in the face of one of the most hostile campaigns in history.

During his campaign candidate Trump promised that there would be so much winning the American people might get tired of winning. Despite the hostile media and the unrelenting attempts by the deep state to delegitimize his presidency and remove him from office, President Trump’s list of accomplishments after barely a year in office are spectacular and undeniable.

Everything he promised to do on the campaign trail and that matters to the American people is being delivered and in his own inimitable style. 

Tackling cross border trafficking in drugs, guns and humans, dealing with illegal immigration, deporting illegal immigrant criminals, growing the economy, cutting taxes, rebuilding the depleted military, defeating ISIS, forcing North Korea’s mad dictator and the Iranian Mullah’s back into their respective boxes are considered to be the insane actions of a lunatic. (See a comprehensive list of his accomplishments here)

The question begs to be asked – if this desperately needed action to restore America to its former greatness is insane, what passes for sanity in the minds of the Presidents enemies?

Giving sanctuary to illegal aliens including murderers, rapists and criminal gangs like MS-13?

Disarming the law abiding American public in the face of such criminals?

Giving blanket amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants regardless of their criminal status or contribution to the economy or well-being of America?

Depleting the military in face of an increasingly unstable world?

Refusing to acknowledge the existence of and subsequently refusing to eradicate radical Islamic terrorism?

Refusing to unleash the military to defeat ISIS?

Continuing with the socialist policy of tax, spend and borrow despite $20 trillion of debt?

The list of ‘progressive’ sanity goes on and on and ever more absurd.

So who are the faces of sanity who are going to save America from this lunatic?

The fallen angel, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the champion of women’s rights who has lived with a serial woman abuser and rapist almost all her adult life. The career politician that had the Presidency cruelly stolen from her by the Russians despite it being hers by right.

So-called ‘democratic’ socialist Bernie Sanders, the idol of brain-washed millennials, pre-pubescent basement dwellers and Toon Town revolutionaries who use fascist tactics in their campaign to resist fascism. 

Incredibly 'sane' Bernie believes that the socialist policies that have destroyed resource rich Venezuela would be ideal for the USA.

Nancy Pelosi, a member of the most transparent government in history that stated that Congress should “pass the Bill to find out whats in it”.

In an outburst of 'sanity' Pelosi recently stated that President Trumps tax cuts and bonuses for working people would result in ‘Armageddon’.

The list of supposedly ‘sane progressives’ includes morons such Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, John ‘I voted for it before he voted against it’ Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama himself the first half cracker President whose hatred of America, its white people and its way of life is legendary.

In conclusion, my personal favorite ‘sane progressive’ is Elizabeth ‘Fauxcahontas’ Warren who self identifies as a Cherokee Indian on account of her Paw Paw’s high cheek bones. This rabid socialist claims to fight for the working class against the 1% while being a member of the 1% herself.

With evidence such as this it now incumbent upon the medical community to redefine sanity/insanity and clear up in the minds of the people whether howling at the moon is now normal behavior as opposed to the action of a lunatic.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Architect Of The EU Immigration Disaster Kicks The Bucket

There was much weeping and wailing in the gilded halls of the global elite recently as they mourned the mortal coil shuffling of Peter Sutherland, one of their most senior and revered members.

Known as the father of globalism, the term ‘faceless bureaucrat’ doesn’t begin to describe this fanatic who is the man largely responsible for the economic and cultural destruction of EU basket cases such as Greece, Sweden and Italy along with his native Ireland.

The cultural and demographic disaster engulfing Europe from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Sea and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Balkans is the result of this globalists’ total commitment to destroying the ancient cultures of Europe using mass immigration and replacing them with so-called multi-cultural societies.

He always used the term ‘destroying national homogeneity’ when referring to this cultural replacement agenda which is a politically correct term for what can only be described as ethnic cleansing.

The achievements of this monster of which he was most proud include the descent of Sweden into third world mediocrity and the rape capital of the world. Likewise his native Ireland, areas of which resemble Lagos or Mogadishu instead of the Emerald Isle we know and love.

The mass sexual assaults and mass murder of innocents by Muslim jihadists which is rampant in Europe, including the more advanced countries such as France, Germany and Great Britain, are the result of Peter Sutherland’s fanatical dedication to imposing multi-culturalism using mass immigration from the backward, uncivilised world.

The malign power and influence of the global elite is highlighted by the fact that Peter Sutherland held enormous power over the Presidents and Prime Ministers of Europe; the policies he advocated destroyed entire countries and the lives of hundreds of millions of people and yet he was never elected to anything via the ballot box in his entire life.

Such was his remoteness from the real world, his soulless carcass will be sent on its way unmourned by the ordinary people of Europe who’s lives and countries have been destroyed by the malignant ideology of this evil globalist fanatic and his ilk.

In line with the standard practice of the global elite, the word ‘appointed’ dominated the curriculum vitae of this powerful yet unaccountable bureaucrat.

His career as an international 'political fixer' was stellar and began when he was ‘appointed’ Attorney General of Ireland. A committed believer in replacing the independent nation states of Europe with a single, borderless, superstate he was then ‘appointed’ as a European Commissioner in the corrupt EU Commission of Jacques Delores.

European Commissioner is a powerful position which serves as a conduit for multi-national enterprises, big banks, international corporations and the UN to control the phony European Parliament and implement policies that imposes the new world order they have planned.

Other ‘appointments’ in the international banking, industrial and education sectors followed thick and fast for Sutherland including:

Allied Irish Banks, Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank of Scotland, BP, ABB and the London School of Economics etc.

With a CV like this it was inevitable that Sutherland would be a believer and advocate of a New World Order comprising of a single, borderless, egalitarian world governed by the likes of him and his ilk.

Hence his ‘appointment’ to the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization before being ‘appointed’ as the UN Special Representative for Migration.

Sutherland and the rest of the global elite are divorced from reality believing only what they want to believe while ignoring the disastrous consequences of their actions.

An example of this disconnect is his ‘appointment’ to the Global Forum on Migration and Development which promotes international dialogue on the positive link between migration and development.

The link between migration and development in Europe and the western world has been an unmitigated disaster with no resultant development whatsoever. In fact, as the whole world can see, this mass migration has had the opposite effect by reducing the host countries, both economically and culturally, into replicas of the backward third world countries the migrants left behind.

Any development or economic improvement that has been achieved is by the efforts of the indigenous population despite the degenerative influence of millions of backward economic migrants.   

Despite the evidence before their eyes Sutherland and his fellow elites refuse to acknowledge this fact because it conflicts with their globalist agenda.

It must be noted that the Sutherland's’ lectures on ‘destroying national homogeneity’ and the creation of mythical ‘multi-cultural societies ‘applied only to Europe and the western world. While he toured the capitals of Europe advocating the abolition of borders and the free movement of peoples, he never delivered the same lecture in Saudi Arabia or any other Arab country in Middle East.

His lecture tour also omitted China, North and South Korea, Africa, India, Pakistan, Indonesia etc. In fact if Europeans migrated in large numbers into Africa in order to 'destroy national homogeneity' and create a multi-cultural societies they would be derided as white imperialists or exploiting colonists by the likes of Sutherland and his ilk.

In conclusion, the globalists have lost one of their founders and favorite sons but notwithstanding the efforts of President Trump and Brexit, their destructive agenda will roll relentlessly onward regardless of the damage it will do to western civilization, global prosperity, security and peace.

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving America

                 Happy Thanksgiving to all American people wherever you may be on God's bountiful earth.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mayor Of London Wants To Ban President Trump From Great Britain

It’s a measure of how far Great Britain has descended into third world mediocrity when a paid up member of the Ummah leads its capital city. 

It needs to be stated from the outset that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was a political nonentity who owes his position to the simple fact that he is not white and a Muslim. Khan is the ideal choice for a political class that is in the process of imposing multi-culturalism on a country that didn’t ask for it, wasn’t consulted and doesn’t want it.

Having a Muslim Mayor of London is used by the political class to display their multi-cultural credentials on the world stage and to falsely portray the city as a peaceful example of a so-called 'multi-cultural society'.

Due to white flight and being the epicenter of the political swamp, the once mighty capital city of the British Empire has been transformed into an overcrowded series of welfare financed, crime infested, mono-cultural ghettos interspersed with affluent areas inhabited by mega-rich foreign oligarchs as well as wealthy celebrities. It is also home to the corrupt political class with its taxpayer funded army of cronies, bureaucrats and hangers-on.

There are some areas of trendy, overpriced bars and restaurants frequented by a small affluent middle class who pretend they are living in a functional world but their eyes and minds are closed to the disaster that surrounds them. 

The sad truth is that this trendy middle class is comprised mainly of millennials who are not affluent enough to be independent of their parents or the landlords that are consuming the biggest chunk of their income in rent.

As is the case with all Muslims, Sadiq Khan’s loyalty is to his own community, the Ummah, and this is reflected by his appeasement of the Muslim terrorists that have been murdering and maiming Londoners for years and his hatred for President Trump over a non-existent ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Why a temporary moratorium on immigration into the United States from seven backward, Muslim majority countries which are havens for terrorists should trigger the Mayor of London speaks volumes about his allegiances.

Sadiq Khan is not only a danger and embarrassment to Londoners, his position as Mayor of the capital city gives him a global profile so his utterances and behavior are seen as a reflection of the nation as a whole.

Khan’s campaign to prevent the President of the United States of America from making an official visit to Great Britain is not only naive, it is a display of his ignorance of the history and protocols of the country he claims to be a loyal citizen of.

State visits to Great Britain are the prerogative of the Head of State, which is Her Majesty the Queen, in conjunction with her Prime Minister. Non-State visits, but otherwise official visits, are the prerogative of the Prime Minister in conjunction with the Foreign Office.

Speaking on behalf of the nation is also the prerogative of Her Majesty and these two offices of state unless otherwise delegated.

He may have delusions of grandeur but Sadiq Khan is none of these and he has no business insulting or denigrating the President of our closest ally which also happens to be the world’s only remaining superpower and the world’s largest economy.

Being a Pakistani at heart with no deep roots in Great Britain, Khan is obviously ignorant of our relationship with the United States of America. The history of America is closely bound with that of Great Britain and this is reflected by the fact that the liberty and freedoms that made America the greatest nation on earth are based on our own freedoms that evolved over centuries.

Despite being a former colony, the American people continued their links with the mother country by basing their founding documents on the Magna Carta signed by King John in 1215 and the British Bill of Rights signed into law in 1689.

A great friend and ally to Great Britain, President Trump may not be welcome by the Mayor but Khan's friends and Great Britain's enemies get the red carpet treatment.

Vile preachers of hate who despise Great Britain, along with its people and its way of life, are allowed into the country to address meetings and march through the streets of London unhindered by Mayor Khan or the Metropolitan police 'service' over which he has control.

Sadiq Khan’s insincerity toward Londoners can be measured by his statement after the London Underground terrorist attack in September 2017. He stated that he “utterly condemns the hideous individuals who attempt to use terror to harm us and destroy our way of life”.

This is the same Sadiq Khan that shared a platform with a ‘hideous individual’ by the name of  Sajeel Sahid who had links with jailed hate preacher Anjem Choudary and Al-Qaeda and who also trained the ring leader of 7/7 London Transport bombers.  Sajeel Sahid was also a gym buddy of London Bridge murderer Khuram Butt. (See here and here)

Sadiq Khan bristles with righteous indignation and won’t countenance a visit by President Trump, the leader of the free world and the scourge of ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism but he is happy to share a platform with five Islamic extremists at a conference organized by the radical pro-Palestinian group, Friends of Al-Aqsa, in London.

Despite this being London where women have equal rights, the meeting was segregated by gender therefore women were not allowed to use the same entrance as men; they were ordered to use a separate side entrance located in an adjacent street next to a snooker club.

Mayor Khan wants to ban President Trump from Great Britain but has links to a creature named Makbool Javaid and other members of a Muslim extremist group called Hizb ut-Tarir. (See here)

In conclusion: The man who told Londoners they should get used to being murdered and maimed by Muslim terrorists because its “part and parcel of living in a big city” is an apologist for the enemies of Great Britain and therefore poses a clear and present danger to the safety and security of her people.

Sadiq Khan is a political pygmy, a complete and utter ignoramus, an apologist for Muslim terrorists and a token appointment by an agenda driven political elite.

He does not speak for the nation and is unfit for this high profile position; he is an embarrassment to Great Britain and should be removed from office forthwith.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Politicization Of The Police And Demise Of The British Bobby

  A picture gallery to illustrate the demise and degradation of a much loved and respected public institution.

When the political elite commandeered public institutions and agencies to use as agents of the state to impose their ‘progressive’, multi-cultural agenda none was more visible and humiliating than the transformation of the British police force and its Bobbies.

The British police force with its dark blue uniform and unique egg-shaped helmet was until recently a highly visible example of public service and law enforcement. Every village and town had its police officers pounding the beat alone or in pairs on foot or bicycle in the case of larger constabularies.

Armed with only a truncheon and a whistle the sight of a Bobby walking his beat was enough to deter the bad guys and mischievous youngsters, of criminal or bad behavior. Things were slightly different in the cities where the police used horses and motor vehicles.

The prime purpose of the police force was to serve and protect the public by enforcing the law of the land; this purpose has been perverted into enforcing political correctness and imposing a ‘progressive’ agenda which includes cultural replacement with it’s so called ‘multi-cultural society’.

The first recorded organized law enforcement officers were known as the Bow Street Runners after a London magistrates court of the same name and formed in 1749. These were succeeded by the Metropolitan Police Force which was formed by the then Home Secretary, Sir Robert Peel, in 1829.

Originally nicknamed Peelers and later Bobbies after their founder the name has stood the test of time and was still in frequent use until their politicization.

The police force, including the Metropolitan Police Force, have been renamed the police ‘service’ and familiar names such ‘holding cells’ and the dreaded ‘booking sergeant’ have been replaced by a ‘custody suite’ and a ‘detention officer’ or other such soft, politically correct title. 

A night sobering up in a custody suite doesn't seem quite so forbidding as a night in the cells but I digress.

The physical requirements of height, weight and fitness were virtually abolished to make the ‘service’ more inclusive and this heralded in the age of the short, fat cop who gasps for breath while walking to the bakery to get the morning supply of doughnuts.

Please look at the following picture gallery and feel free to laugh or cry accordingly:

                         Traditional Bobby in his dark blue uniform and unique egg-shaped helmet.

            The new gender neutral uniform designed to attract transgendered officers into the 'service'.

                           Upstanding traditional Bobby on duty protecting and serving the public.

                           Policeman wearing high heels on duty to highlight domestic abuse.

                              Policeman paints his nails on duty to highlight slavery in Great Britain.

             A pair of police officers patrol their beat on foot to protect the public and deter criminals.

  A pair of officers don bear masks in a juvenile and embarrassing campaign against 'hate speech/crimes'.

   Hate speech/crimes don't include recruiting for ISIS or threatening to behead the indigenous population.

                No female Muslim officers policing the ISIS parade due to segregation of the sexes. 

                  A gay police officer proposes to his boyfriend on bended knee at some parade or other.

                                      A police officer has a smooch during a Gay Pride parade.

A Police officer indulges in simulated sex in order to be trendy and demonstrate his multi-cultural credentials during the Caribbean inspired Notting Hill carnival.

                                                    A Morris Mini patrol car from the 1970

                                                 A gay pride/hate crime patrol car from 2017

Once considered to be respected pillars of the community the British Bobby has been reduced to a laughing stock with his juvenile antics and his politically correct campaigns on behalf of any minority so long as they are against the traditional British way of life.

One of the more sinister manifestations of their new role as agents of the state is treating the public they are meant to serve as the enemy and the imported enemies of traditional Great Britain as the oppressed minority in need of their protection.

They have given up their primary role of preventing and investigating crimes such burglary, robbery and street violence against the ordinary citizen but use their resources instead policing social media looking for so-called hate speech and hate crimes.

Hate speech and hate crimes are extremely vague, one-way charges used exclusively against the indigenous population in order to prevent free speech, intimidate dissenters and hide the truth about their most favored imported community and their religion of peace.

All the respect, trust and goodwill that the police had built up over two centuries has been thrown away by senior officers who have sold their souls to an unscrupulous political elite and their destructive agenda. 

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