Thursday, June 22, 2017

Islamic Violence Begets Violence – The Descent Into Civil War Begins

When the democratic processes have been exhausted and the political elite ignore the people in order to implement their cultural replacement agenda, frustration builds and direct action becomes the only remaining option.

When the writing is on the wall and the political elite still refuses to listen and continues to implement their cultural replacement agenda, frustrations continue to build and direct action is still the only remaining option.

When the age old institutions and the establishment have been politicized to the point where they treat the British people as the enemy and act against them accordingly while the actual perpetrators of violence are portrayed as innocent victims, frustration increases to dangerous levels and direct action ceases to be just an option and becomes a reality.

When the political elite appease the very community that is bringing death and destruction to the streets and concert halls of Great Britain and absolve them from blame, frustration boils over, someone snaps and the descent into civil strife begins.

Can any informed person in the western world put a hand on heart and swear they didn’t see the Finsbury Park mosque attack coming?

The first to crack was a weak minded individual with addiction issues who claims he snapped after the Westminster Bridge massacre.  This was compounded no doubt by the appeasing response by Prime Minister, Theresa May, absolving Islam and Muslims from blame.

It's inevitable that the war being perpetrated against the British people by the political class will push more rational people into taking direct action in defense of their country and their way of life.

The politicians are making a grave error of judgment if they think that the majority of the British people will sit idly by while their beloved country is destroyed and surrendered to a backward culture that is incompatible with their ancient way of life.

This uncompromising determination of the political class to impose their cultural replacement agenda has laid the foundation for an escalation of revenge attacks which can only lead to civil strife and bloodshed in the future.

Acting on the orders of the UN/EU de facto world government the British political elite have embarked upon a great crusade to replace the ancient culture and way of life of Great Britain with a so called ‘multi-cultural society’.

This cultural genocide had to be imposed from on high because the British people would have rejected this malignant transformation of their beloved country had they been consulted.
The strategy to bring this ethnic cleansing about is relatively straight forward. They employ a combination of open border mass immigration from the Muslim world supplemented by positive discrimination and rigidly policed political correctness.

More concerning to the British people is the use of smear and intimidation by the state against anyone who opposes the agenda and the silencing of dissenting opinions.  This is accomplished using threats of prosecution for one-way ‘hate crimes’ and so-called ‘hate speech’ that applies to the indigenous population only.

What constitutes a hate crime is so vague it gives the agents of the state freedom to prosecute anyone from the indigenous population for any act no matter how innocuous that attracts a complaint from a Muslim.
So called hate speech follows a similar pattern whereby any criticism of Islam or the Muslim community, no matter how trivial, be it vocal or on social media, will leave the author liable to arrest and prosecution.

Incidentally, as one would expect, the Muslim community are taking full advantage of this leeway to enhance the victim status endowed on them by the political class, but I digress.

According to the police ‘service’, calling for the beheading of infidels and kuffurs - which comprises the majority of the British population - does not constitute hate speech. Neither does calling for all Jews and Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth or homosexuals to be thrown off the roofs of tall buildings.

According to the police, notorious preachers of hate calling for jihad against the west or openly recruiting for banned terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah on the streets of the capital city does not constitute hate speech or qualify for a hate crime.

 The police service and the criminal justice system has been politicized and corrupted from a public service dedicated to serving and protecting the population by maintaining law and order into agents of the state dedicated to policing political correctness and imposing the governments cultural replacement agenda.

Politically active, agenda driven judges are not only legislating from the bench but are also in the process of unilaterally altering the criminal justice system to take into account the cultural practices of Muslims when sentencing.

Blind justice and equality before the law has disappeared without a squeak of protest from the corrupt, self-serving legislators that infest the Palace of Westminster. They have turned the Mother of Parliaments from a shining example of democracy admired around the world into a political whorehouse, bought and paid for by the pimps that constitute the UN/EU global elite.
The political class is so disconnected from the public they are meant to serve they are incapable of understanding the anger and frustration they arouse when they refuse to acknowledge that the slaughter of innocents on the streets and concert halls of Great Britain is being perpetrated by Muslims in name of Islam.

If anything is guaranteed to frustrate and anger people up more it’s politicians repeating the insulting and dishonest mantra that ‘it’s nothing to do with Islam’ every time a Muslim slaughters innocent people in the name of Allah or the assertion that ‘Islam is a great global religion of peace’ when thousands are being slaughtered in its name around the world every day.

Anger and frustration is further increased by the steadfast refusal of the political class to take effective action to stop the slaughter.

Thoughts and prayers, temporary roadside shrines, balloons and teddy bears, hashtag campaigns, Twitter and Facebook profiles, calls for unity and shoulder to shoulder solidarity etc. etc. are worthless words and gestures when battle hardened jihadis are allowed to return to Great Britain from war zones in the middle east, Africa and Central Asia with their bloodlust and hatred of the west intact.

They are worthless words and gestures when mosques and madrassas are allowed to remain open and continue preaching hatred against Great Britain and the west and calling for jihad.

These worthless words and gestures increase frustration and anger further when the remote political class, aided and abetted by the virtue signaling multi-millionaire celebrity community, call for opening the borders to so-called refugees who will be dumped on cash strapped villages and inner city ghettos far away from their secure gated mansions.

The messages being sent by the political class and their army of useful idiots to the Muslim community are of appeasement and absolution for the murder and mayhem being visited upon the British people in the name of Islam. This will only serve to ramp up frustration and anger further until boiling point is reached again and the descent into violence is unstoppable.

In conclusion, there is no cure for the frustration and anger which is increasingly consuming the British people other than listening to their very real concerns about the destruction of their country then acting according to their wishes. Failing to do so can only result in an escalation of revenge attacks and the future thereafter is too horrible to contemplate.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Brexit Denied – British People Should Prepare For A Stitch-Up

For those naïve enough to still believe that British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is serious about delivering Brexit I suggest they pay attention to her Cabinet appointments after her contrived election disaster.

Apart from another world war, Brexit is the single biggest issue facing current and future generations since the very survival of their nation and its way of life is at stake.

If Theresa May is serious about taking back the sovereignty of the British people that was so treacherously surrendered by her and her predecessors she would construct a government dominated by those who have spent their entire political lives trying to achieve that noble end.

Despite an overwhelming mandate from the British people to leave the European Union (EU) she has packed her new government with Europhiles dedicated to the destruction of Great Britain by keeping it locked inside this hideously corrupt dictatorship.

Out of Theresa May’s twenty-eight member Cabinet, only seven - yes seven – are Brexit supporters with twenty-one members dedicated to ignoring the people’s wishes and remaining inside the EU. If one anyone expects these Europhiles to cooperate and help facilitate Brexit then I suggest they wipe the mist from their eyes, take a reality check and look at the facts.

There are several adjectives one could use to describe supporters of the European Union and even those fail to adequately illustrate their obsessive dedication to the EU Project. The word fanatical is my particular favorite since their dedication to a corrupt, anti-democratic tyranny is total and no such creature exists as a moderate Europhile.

Why the destruction of the centuries old independent nation states of Europe and their cultures should command such dedication is a question for the psychologists as is their dedication to replacing nation state democracy with an unelected dictatorship.

Despite the economic collapse of the Euro and the subsequent destruction of the economies of the Eurozone, these Europhile fanatics refuse to countenance any kind of reform and many British Europhiles still express their desire to join the Eurozone and adopt the failed currency.

Why supposedly educated people would want to subjugate themselves and their country to a German dominated superstate is a mystery. This folly is compounded by the fact that Europe, along with its economies, cultures and ways of life, are being singlehandedly destroyed by the mentally unstable German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, with her austerity measures and open border mass immigration madness.

For all those misguided millions who are deluding themselves that Theresa May will deliver Brexit I suggest they study the following then deny its veracity:

The architects of the European Union have spent over four decades to get this far with their superstate project. The transfer of power and the destruction of the nation states are almost complete, they are not going give up on the prize at this late stage when victory is so close.

The EU does not do democracy, they have never honored the result of a referendum and they do not intend to honor the result of the Brexit referendum.

Theresa May and the majority of her party are Europhiles as is the establishment, the public institutions and most importantly the BBC led main stream media (MSM).

During the referendum campaign Mrs. May campaigned to Remain despite the despicable catalogue of lies, deceit and fear mongering of the Remain campaign. It wasn’t named Project Fear for nothing.
It must be remembered that the political elite are experienced, organized and leave nothing to chance: they needed a contingency should the referendum be lost and Prime Minister, David Cameron, forced to resign.

Rather than risk his replacement being a Brexiteer the Europhile political elite pulled Mrs. May from the campaign to create the false impression she really was a Eurosceptic at heart.

After the resignation of the Cameron the political elite used the MSM to sabotage the campaigns of her leadership rivals, Johnson, Gove and Leadstrom leaving the charisma and accomplishment free Theresa May the only viable candidate.

Apart from repeating the meaningless mantra ‘Brexit means Brexit’, from the moment of her coronation she did everything in her power to obfuscate and frustrate the Brexit process.

She refused to trigger Article 50 as promised by her predecessor giving the Europhile’s time to regroup, refinance and organize a campaign to delegitimize the referendum and sabotage Brexit.

With Theresa May holding all the aces and the vast majority of the British public accepting the referendum result the negotiations were shaping up to be a formality with Great Britain’s exit from the EU inevitable.

The rest is history; she threw it all away by calling a general election then running a campaign that was obviously designed to alienate tens of millions of voters from all walks of life be they millennials, middle aged or elderly.

Informed pundits are coming to the conclusion that this action was nothing more than Theresa May obeying her masters from the global political elite who feared Brexit would actually happen thus putting an end to their decades’ long European superstate project.

What happens next will prove beyond any shadow of doubt that EU and the global elite have control over Theresa May and her government and that Great Britain’s exit from the EU was never going happen.

The referendum question was clear and straight forward. ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union’. It was clarified throughout the campaign by both sides so that nobody was in any doubt that it meant:

Leaving the single market

Leaving the customs union

Reinstating the supremacy of British law by leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

An end to contributions to the EU

Regain control of the borders, territorial waters and fishing grounds

An end to free movement of people

The Europhiles refused to accept the referendum result and aided by Theresa May’s prevarication and inaction they took the initiative and began their campaign to sabotage Brexit.

Whereas there was only Brexit with the actions listed above, the Europhile’s have invented a ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ Brexit. ‘Soft’ meaning Brexit in name only where the EU bureaucrats will retain some control over the items listed above.

Theresa May’s other mantra on which she based part of her campaign was ‘getting the best possible deal for Britain’.

Should she still be in power when the negotiations are complete the British people will be presented with ‘soft’ Brexit as the best possible deal for Britain which will be accepted by the political elite and the betrayal of the British people will be complete.

And finally, the European Union elite cannot lose. Should the communist run Labour Party manage to unseat Theresa May and usurp power, Great Britain will remain inside the EU and the British people will have a German jackboot stamping on their necks forever.  


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Brexit Election Disaster - Theresa May Takes A Dive For The Globalists

As the dust settles and the recriminations begin after the disastrous general election results where British Prime Minister, Theresa May, managed to blow a twenty-four point lead and almost handed political power to the far-left Labour Party led by lifelong communists Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.
Bearing in mind that she is a seasoned politician experienced in electioneering and backed by an efficient, well financed election machine, her failure to dispatch a rag bag of communists, wealthy metropolitan progressives and venal career politicians into the dustbin of history is all the more surprising…..but only to the layman.
Informed political observers saw through her carefully manufactured image along with the PR and associated spin and saw Theresa May for what she really is, i.e. a ruthlessly dedicated globalist from the Blair/Cameron/Obama school of ‘progressive’ treachery who is as dedicated to the European Union and the associated UN controlled borderless one world government as they are.
This was billed as the Brexit election called by Mrs. May to strengthen her mandate thereby giving her a strong position for the up and coming Brexit negotiations. The fact is that she already had a mandate and her negotiating position could not have been stronger.
The strong and growing British economy compared to the disastrous Eurozone put her in the position to dominate the negotiations and walk away if the EU bureaucrats persisted in punishing the British people for their temerity.
With an overall majority in the House of Commons and Brexit set in law, this election was unnecessary but by accident or design Theresa May has made it possible for the treacherous political class to sabotage the negotiations and prevent Brexit altogether.
Increasing numbers of pundits, myself included, believe this loss was by design hence the boxing analogy in title. The term ‘taking a dive’ refers to a boxer who despite being the favourite to win throws the fight under pressure from malign influences outside the ring.
The malign influence in this case was the EU/UN globalists.
Mrs. May’s lifelong dedication to the European Union project and the broader UN one-world government; her support for their policies of open border mass immigration, imposed multi-culturalism and Islamification should have given an inkling that she would never deliver Brexit as demanded by the British electorate.
As Home Secretary her record of broken promises and inaction on signature issues such as mass immigration, Islamification, Foreign aid, etc. proves beyond any shadow of doubt that she took her orders from the globalists not the British people.
One big clue was her refusal to start the two year Brexit process by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty until the anti-Brexit forces had regrouped, mustered their forces and organized their campaign to frustrate and ultimately prevent Brexit.
Had she triggered Article 50 immediately as promised by her predecessor, David Cameron, there would have been fewer obstructions, no challenges in courts and the process would almost be at the half-way stage.
With negotiations about to begin, the timing of the election and the appalling campaign, which included fox hunting and the confiscation of family homes to pay for elderly care, labelled the dementia tax, lends further credence to the charges that Theresa May deliberately alienated millions of voters in order to throw the election and sabotage Brexit.  
Correspondents and pundits, myself included, took a lot of flak for warning that as a globalist Theresa May is a dedicated Europhile who will obey her masters in Brussels and New York and sabotage Brexit.
Naysayer and pessimist were two of the mildest charges hurled in my direction. Have faith in Theresa May and give her the benefit of the doubt I was told. I take no pleasure in saying I told you so but warnings by myself and others went unheeded.
On June 30th, just one week after the referendum, it was obvious that humiliated Prime Minister David Cameron would resign and be succeeded by Theresa May, I wrote then that Mrs. May could not be trusted to deliver Brexit so leave your champagne on ice (See here)

Further articles, and flak, followed but fell on deaf ears:

Friday, April 14, 2017

No Solidarity or #Hashtag Campaigns for Murdered Egyptian Christians

It speaks volumes about the British and European political class and their motives when they deem the murder by Muslims of British and Swedish innocents to be more worthy of their thoughts and prayers than the murdered Christians of Egypt.

The virtue signaling public is also guilty of a massive double standard and gross hypocrisy when they weep their crocodile tears for the murdered of Westminster and Stockholm but stay silent and dry eyed on the recent carnage in Tanta and Alexandria, Egypt.

As despicable and horrific as it was, the death and destruction in Westminster and Stockholm was mild in comparison to the carnage in St. Georges Church, Tanta and St. Marks Coptic Cathedral in Alexandria which was deliberately timed to take place during a crowded Palm Sunday Mass.

The forty-nine dead and over one hundred injured are so insignificant that they didn’t warrant the Eiffel Tower, the Brandenburg Gate or the Place of Westminster to be lit up in the Egyptian colours; they didn’t warrant an #IAmEgyptian hashtag campaign; they didn’t even warrant a repetition of the specially prepared soundbites that are routinely brought out whenever a Muslim commits an atrocity in a western country.

Presidents and Prime Ministers who are normally quick to declare that their ‘thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families’ remained silent.

In shows of bravery from behind their armed security details politicians and celebrities have been quick to claim that they are ‘standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity’ with the citizens of a victim country, but not this time. Egyptian Christians stand alone in their hour of need.

What is most surprising is that British Prime Minister, Theresa May, missed an opportunity to deliver her usual lecture on the difference between Islamic and Islamist mass murder and go on to declare that the carnage perpetrated by Muslims against Christians in Egypt is nothing to do with Islam.

One only has to look at the punitive actions against Christians by the political elite in the west and their parallel Islamification to see the reason for their refusal to mourn the Egyptian victims of the Muslim jihad.(Persecuted Christian from war zones refused entry into UK here)

Devout Egyptian Christians attending a church to celebrate Easter are the antithesis of the Islamification of the west. Judeo-Christian symbols and festivals are being slowly eradicated from public life and replaced by their Islamic counterparts.

Christmas, Easter, the Sabbath day and crucifixes are being replaced by Ramadan, Eid al Fitr, Friday prayers and the crescent moon.

If that isn’t bad enough, the people of the west are being forced to accept religious and cultural practises that are not only an anathema to Judeo-Christian culture they are barbaric by any measure of civilization.

The establishment along with all the institutions of government, the media and civil society at large have been commandeered and used to bring about this cultural and religious genocide and to impose Islam on the people whether they want it or not.

This includes the judiciary whose politicization has undone and compromised the integrity of a legal system that has slowly evolved since Alfred the Great began to coalesce and codify English law in the 9th century AD.

Equality under the law and blind justice has been perverted by politicians and activist judges who are allowing medieval and misogynistic sharia law to be tolerated and integrated into British law. Cultural and religious factors are being taken into consideration when dispensing justice even in cases of rape, pedophilia and spousal abuse.(Imam convicted of sexual assault spared jail here)
As the people have learnt to their cost, anyone disagreeing with this cultural and religious genocide is smeared as Islamophobic, racist or xenophobic and, in a classic example of supreme irony, Fascist or Nazi.

It’s not only the politicians that are ignoring the persecution and genocide of Christian communities in the Middle East. Christian leaders including the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury are no longer concerned with preparing the souls of their congregations for eternity, they are expending their compassion and spiritual energy defending Islam and giving it moral and religious equivalence to Christianity.(Pope Francis: Muslim terrorism does not exist here. The Holy Bible and the Koran are same here)

The clergy are studiously ignoring the genocide and purging of Christian communities in the Middle East and aligned themselves with the globalists and their organized migration of millions of incompatible adherents from the Middle East and Africa into the civilized world under the auspices of a refugee crisis.(Christianity 'on course to disappear' from the Middle East as ethnic cleansing continues here

These Christian leaders are either naive or they are deliberately ignoring the fact that women, children and elderly people are absent from the invading hoards, the majority being comprised of testosterone fueled men of military age who go on to assault and rape western women on an industrial scale with impunity.

They are also ignoring the fact that ISIS and other Islamic terrorist organizations have indicated that they will infiltrate their seasoned fighters into the migrant hoards to cause murder and mayhem in the host countries.

While a handful of citizens murdered by Muslims in London or Stockholm can generate an outpouring of phony outrage and displays of mass emotional hysteria by the political class and a dumbed down populace, mass murder, carnage and genocide in the Middle East barely registers on the scales of compassion or puts a tear in the eye of the immigration pimps.

In conclusion, Islamification as part of the cultural replacement agenda is well on its way in Europe and the rest of the civilized world. The attacks on Judeo-Christian culture at home and complicity in the eradication of the ancient Christian communities in the middle east demonstrates the utter callousness of the global political elite and the bloodshed they are prepared to ignore in pursuit of their beloved one world project.

The Islamization of Great Britain here 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It Doesn’t Take A Village To Raise A Child – Just The Government

People may wonder where liberals, or progressives as they refer to themselves these days, get their statist ideas and policies from in addition to their obsessive dedication to impose them on others. They are not ideas and policies that are formulated by observation, consultation, personal experience, study or intelligent deduction.

They are arrived at by weak minds being indoctrinated by a seductive ideology that when accepted as truth and adopted as one’s personal beliefs dominate the mind to the exclusion of everything else; this includes common sense and reason. Subsequently imposing them on others becomes a mission to be followed with religious zeal.

Reading about a controversial proposal by the far-left Scottish government for the state to appoint a legal guardian to oversee the raising of every child in the country is one issue that proves beyond doubt where modern politicians get their inspiration and guidance.

The signature issues touted by the political elite such as equality, redistribution of wealth, one borderless world etc. are all highlighted in The Communist Manifesto. What is also included but not touted so loudly is the destruction of the traditional family.

Written by Karl Marx, this holy book is revered by disciples of the nineteenth century philosopher who’s perverted ideology is responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of innocents around the world and the oppression of billions more.

Referring to The Communist Manifesto as a ‘holy’ book is not an attempt at sarcasm but the view of the late British historian A.J.P Taylor in his foreword to the 1968 edition. As an indication of the demented dedication of Marxists to their cause and where modern liberals/progressives get their ideas he writes thus:

“…Marxism has become the accepted creed or religion for countless millions of mankind, and ‘The Communist Manifesto’ must be counted as a holy book, in the same class as the Bible or the Koran. Nearly every sentence is a sacred text, quoted or acted upon by devotees…”

Contemporary Marxists may try to disguise their beliefs by referring to themselves as liberals or progressives but anyone reading The Communist Manifesto will understand the ideological foundations of their policies and the foreword by A.J.P Taylor highlights why they are absolutely dedicated to their implementation regardless of the deadly consequences for mankind.

The 'named person' proposal by the Scottish government is not the only indication of Marxism driving public policy, they are also proposing to prosecute parents on the grounds of ‘emotional abuse’ if they overly criticize their children during their upbringing. (Named person proposal here)

It’s not only the Scottish Parliament that wants to interfere with, or remove entirely, parental control over their children. In one of their reports the globalist controlled United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child make the claim that making your child attend church undermines their human rights.

This report also contains 150 recommendations where Great Britain could be contravening the UN Charter on the Rights of the Child including the freedom of parents to reasonable chastise their children. (UN report here)

Combined with sexuality and gender fascism this attempt by the state and the global elite to take over the raising of one’s children is one part of the wider plan of Marxists to destroy traditional family life completely.

(Scottish Parliament debate legalizing incest here)

(School Transgender Day. Children as young as four encouraged to explore their sexuality and gender here

These actions and reports are nothing to do with the welfare of children; if the UN bureaucrats or the Scottish Parliamentarians really cared about the human rights of children they would campaign against child abuse, especially girls, in places like Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand etc. along with the sharia controlled Muslim ghettos that have sprung up in Europe and the west. What they are actually doing is putting into practice the ideology as it is written by Karl Marx in his infamous tract.

People tend to be skeptical when given the fact that there is a conscious effort on behalf of western governments to destroy the traditional family but this is confirmed by the unambiguous statement in The Communist Manifesto and it is worth quoting at length:

“Abolish the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists. On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form this family exists only among the bourgeoisie. But this state of things finds its complement in the practical absence of the family among the proletarians, and in public prostitution.”

The dangerous old fool goes on to proclaim that:

“The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course when its complement vanishes, and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital.”

The next quote from the unholy book reveals the foundation of the take-over of public education and the subsequent brainwashing of children by the Marxist teachers, professors and administrators that infest most schools, colleges and universities in the west:

“Do you charge us with wanting to stop the exploitation of children by their parents? To this crime we plead guilty.
But you will say, we destroy the hallowed of relationships, when we replace home education by social.. ..The bourgeois clap-trap about the family and education, about the hallowed co-relation of parent and child, becomes all the more disgusting, the more , by action the of Modern Industry”..

And so the tract goes on and on about the phony family, the phony hallowed relationship between parent and child, phony wives being treated by their husbands as mere instruments of production.(Cultural Marxists assault on the family here)

Anyone paying attention to modern western governments and the actions of the political elite, aided and abetted the establishment and mainstream media, will see that their guiding philosophy is Marxism and every action they take is in line with its teachings.
In conclusion, along with redistributive economic policies, gender and sexuality fascism, state interference in family life and the raising of one’s children are clear indications that those so-called liberals/progressives have usurped power and are working to implement the philosophy of a long dead 19th century philosopher who’s perverted ideology has caused nothing but poverty, misery, death and oppression for the majority of citizens wherever it’s been imposed.

Study The Communist Manifesto by  Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels here



Saturday, April 8, 2017

Murder and Mayhem Comes To Peaceful Multi-Cultural Sweden

Well that didn’t take long did it? The politicians have barely had time to put away their rehearsed responses to the Westminster terrorist attack in London before the religion of peace strikes again, this time in Stockholm, Sweden.

The long suffering public should prepare themselves for another rendition of the threadbare routine of phony outrage at this heinous act, phony sympathy for the victims and their families and a phony vow to leave no stone unturned to bring the perpetrators to justice.

As sure as night follows day politicians like British Prime Minister, Theresa May will then go on to absolve their most indulged client group with a lecture on the difference between Islamic and Islamist to prove that the murder and mayhem perpetrated in the name of Allah and his prophet is nothing to do with Islam.

At this point one is entitled to question the sincerity of these politicians and ask who exactly they are praying to when they claim that their thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families? Praying to the Christian God in public institutions is banned because its offensive to you-know-who and they have sanctioned the removal of the word Easter from Easter eggs and Christmas from the Christmas holiday.

The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiqi Khan, was quick off the mark with the routine and utterly meaningless soundbites he used in the belief that if they are uttered by a Muslim it puts distance between the outrage and his coreligionists.

He begins with the routine and utterly meaningless soundbite “the capital stands united with Stockholm”, then follows it up with the usual nonsense about values. “Sweden has seen a despicable act of terrorism aimed at harming innocent people and attacking our shared values of democracy, freedom, justice and tolerance”. It sounds very good but how does it help the dead and wounded and how will it prevent the next attack? 
This is the same Sadiq Khan who states unapologetically that people should accept these terrorist attacks because they are “part and parcel of living in a big city”.

In a display of posturing typical of politicians, other world leaders will proclaim that they are standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with the Swedish people and order that public buildings are lit up with the colors of the Swedish flag.

Incidentally, it’s worth mentioning at this point that there was no such display of solidarity or thoughts and prayers for the victims of the recent terrorist attack in St. Petersburg which killed 14 and injured 45, so we can assume that innocent Russian lives don’t have the same value as their European or American counterparts.

Just as they do after every terrorist outrage an emotionally triggered public will set up a roadside shrine with flowers, balloons, teddy bears and shed rivers of tears at a candlelit vigil.
A pointless #hashtag campaign will surely follow with participants declaring that #IamSweden or some other such imbecility.

This incident will soon fade from the public consciousness as Kim and Kanye have another fight or some other surgically altered celebrity pops their clogs with a system full of pharmaceuticals.
It will fade from public consciousness until the next outrage when the same routine will be repeated all over again.

As heartless as it may seem it is difficult to have much sympathy with the Swedish people when they have allowed their political class to fundamentally transform Sweden into a so-called multi-cultural society using open border mass immigration from Muslim countries.

Radical imams are allowed to spout their murderous filth unmolested by the government with some Swedish politicians taking self-loathing and hatred of their own country to new levels of delusion.
Despite being the rape capital of the world, the Swedish government will continue to import testosterone fueled young jihadis from the war torn areas of the middle east, Africa and Central Asia.

Is it any wonder Sweden has a Muslim problem when one studies the behavior of the political class.

Imam in Sweden claims women who don't wear hijabs are asking to be raped here 

Sweden on the brink. Police at breaking point by migrant violence here.

Muslim gangs take control of 55 zones here.

Swedish politicians: Islam is compatible with democracy here

Islam in Sweden here

Under the leadership of the mentally unstable German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the supine leaders of the European Union will express their solidarity with Sweden then continue with their insane open border mass immigration policy regardless of the disintegration of their political project and the descent of the member states into violent civil disorder bordering on civil war.

There will be no respite from the war on the west that has been declared by adherents of Islam until the people themselves rise up and confront an agenda driven political class that are sacrificing the lives of their citizens on the altars of diversity and multi-culturalism.

In other news - the President of the United States of America has sent a message to any world leader that may harbor malign intentions toward his country and his people, not with words or soundbites but with a large dose of high explosive.

While the rest of the world are stuck with leaders who are dedicated disciples of the global elite and their borderless one world government, it would appear that President Trump is the only leader who is doing his sworn duty to put the safety and wellbeing of his citizens first and foremost.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Warning! Venezuela Uses The Judiciary To Go Full Commie.

News that the Supreme Court in Venezuela has stripped the Legislature of power comes as no surprise to the informed people around the world who keep themselves abreast of current affairs especially in relation to the socialist/communist movements; this includes those who try to disguise their ideology by referring to themselves as liberals or progressives. (See here)

This action by the judiciary completes the process of transforming Venezuela into a full blown communist dictatorship using the false promise of benevolent socialism to seduce the people. This deceitful modus operandi was highlighted by none other Lenin himself when he declared that the goal of socialism is communism.

It also should set the alarm bells ringing in the western democracies since judicial activism by agenda driven judges is playing an ever increasing role in undermining elected Presidents, Prime Ministers and legislatures by governing from the bench. These judges are not appointed because of their judicial acumen or political independence but because of their commitment to imposing the so-called ‘progressive’ agenda i.e. socialism.

This is the same judicial activism that stopped the President of the United States from using the powers granted to him under the constitution to keep the American people safe by instituting a temporary moratorium on immigration from terrorist infested countries hostile to the United States.

Since this moratorium was a solemn campaign promise that was instrumental in getting him elected the judicial activists are ignoring the mandate given to the President by the people.

It’s the same activism that has brazenly proclaimed that judiciaries at federal, state and local level have organized teams of lawyers to prepare hundreds of law suits in readiness to oppose every action taken by the Trump administration that stalls or reverses the fundamental transformation of America embarked upon by former President Obama.

The current situation in the United States proves that the duly elected government is hamstrung and unable to govern effectively and deliver what the electorate put them in office to do. Although the Republicans have won the Presidency, the House of Representatives, the Senate along with a record number of Governorships and State legislatures, the losing Democrats have the initiative. In conjunction with their media whores they are controlling the message and stalling the political agenda.

When one looks at these anti-democratic actions along with the demographic shift and an unsustainable national debt normally associated with socialist tax and spend economic policies, the contrast between the USA and the host of failed South American states is becoming increasingly blurred.

Across the pond in Great Britain, the power of the judiciary over elected legislatures is more pronounced.

Agenda driven judges have ignored the overwhelming mandate given to the government after the Brexit referendum to leave the EU.

Identical to the judicial activism employed against President Trump, this political action by appointed judges has effectively stripped Prime Minister Theresa May of her prerogative powers that were granted to her office in the 19th century.

Activist judges have also stripped the powers of deportation from the Home Secretary that have been traditionally exercised by that senior officer of state for decades. In an echo of their American counterparts, this action puts the rights of dangerous criminal immigrants, both illegal and legal, and known terrorists above those of the British people putting their safety at risk. (Judges prevent criminal deportations here)

If home grown activist judges aren’t enough to contend with, since the political class surrendered their sovereignty to the European Union the long suffering British people have to contend with the supremacy of foreign judges from the European Court of Justice. (ECJ) and the European Court of Human Rights. (ECHR)

Many of these judges bear a historical animosity toward Great Britain and the British people and this is reflected in their judgments.

As proof of meddling by the European Union judges, Great Britain loses seventy-five percent of EU court cases. (See here)

In a devastating expose of the power of judges to bypass democratically elected legislatures the following article is highly recommended. The ECJ Now routinely interferes with the most fundamental duties of an elected government here.

In conclusion, the power being exercised by politicized judiciaries over elected legislatures is a dangerous development but when this power is coupled with an agenda to impose an ideology as it is the case in Venezuela the consequences for freedom and democracy are devastating.

                        The charming Roland Freisler one of history's most notorious activist judges